Schödel Sandra

Sandra Schödel, M. Sc.



  • Improvement of the application characteristics of multi-layered sheet material for forming technology produced via Accumulative Roll Bonding

    (Third Party Funds Single)

    The Accumulative Roll Bondingprocess enables the production of multilayered and high-strength sheetproducts. Repeated rolling produces an ultrafine-grained microstructure, whichleads to a significant increase in strength while maintaining a good ductility.A high bond strength between the layers hinders delamination processes and isstrongly dependent on the surface treatment of the bonded interfaces. In orderto improve the process reliability, it is implemented with the aid of a robot assistedbrushing unit. The scientific objective is to identify a surface treatmentprocess window which is advantageous for the formability of multilayered sheets.Based on the present analyses, it can be concluded that a homogeneous brushingtreatment is essential for good bonding and thus forming properties.