Einsatz von wandlungsfähigen Fügeprozessen zur Herstellung von hybriden Bauteilstrukturen im industriellen Umfeld



Funding period:

Start: 1. January 2022
Ende: 31. December 2024


The subject of the transfer project is the analysis and transferability of the methodology of the transformability of a wobbling semi-hollow punch riveting process from sub-project C02 "Adaptable joining with auxiliary joining part" under industrial boundary conditions and an extension in the Transregio 285 collaborative research center (SFB/TRR285) "Method development for mechanical joinability in versatile process chains". through targeted adjustment of relevant process parameters. The central goal of the research project is the transfer of basic scientific findings for the targeted production of geometric characteristics of joints such as undercuts in wobbling semi-tubular punch riveting to the new approach of joining by tumbling.

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