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Additive manufacturing and forming of hybrid parts with locally adapted, tailored properties (DFG CRC 814)

Project Status: Active


In this project the manufacturing of functional parts by combining additive manufacturing and forming is fundamentally investigated. The research focus within the first two phases (phase 1, phase 2) of subproject B5 in the Collaborative Research Center 814 – Additive Manufacturing (CRC 814) was the fundamental investigation of the process combination of additive manufacturing (AM) and sheet metal forming. The resulting hybrid parts (Figure a) consist of a formed sheet metal body and an additively manufactured element. For processing of the titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V laser based and electron based powder bed fusion were applied. With regard to different stress states on the additively manufactured element deep drawing and bending were considered. The aim of the third phase of this project is the local adjustment of properties of hybrid parts. In this context the forming operation is applied on the sheet metal body and also the additively manufactured element. The adjustment of properties is realized within the laser based powder bed fusion (L-PBF) process and also by forming (Figure b). By the local insertion of additives in the powder bed an in situ alloying of the material is intended to stabilize phases, which are beneficial for the subsequent forming operation. Additionally the impact of forming of the additively manufactured element on hardening, reduction of porosity and smoothing of surface is investigated.


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In cooperation with the Institute of Photonic Technologies.

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